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The European School of Acupuncture is aimed at people who already have a basic training in Chinese medicine or to students or people interested in China and its vision of life, and who wish to work in reference to traditional texts. It does not deliver a qualifying diploma for the practice of acupuncture and its originality lies in three aspects:

  • The rigorous approach to classic medical texts and their accurate study, which methodically tackles theoretical and clinical questions by relying on an overall vision of the Chinese medical corpus.
  • The medical questions studied are developed in connection with the great texts of traditional medical thinking, whether they be Confucian, Daoist or other, particularly those that are contemporary with the development of medical theory in the few centuries around the beginning of the Common Era.
  • An opening onto practice and experience. This research is part of a dialogue and experience of sharing with the participants, which continues in workshops offering a real application of a traditional discipline (for instance, calligraphy).

The School's teachings are mainly given in French, however Elisabeth Rochat - the School's Dean of Studies - frequently lectures in English in other countries (see Elisabeth's program ). Videos of courses and lectures in English are also available here .

Due to the recent pandemic situation, many courses initially planned in different countries are live streamed online. This allows people from all over the world to easily follow and participate (details here ).

The Webinars

Through its online platform, the EEA broadcasts live interactive lectures to people all over the world. Participants can register and pay online, and during the lecture engage in chat in order to ask questions, comment and communicate with the lecturer or among themselves.

The webinars are recorded and available to the registered students in unlimited access to review and learn.

The courses are generally certified for credits (CEU, PDA and others).

Recent Webinars
Qing Zhuo 清濁 - Clear and Turbid
Ji 幾 Incipience or the Infinitesimally Small
The Way of Water or the Strength of Weakness according to Laozi's Daodejing 道德經


The video recordings of some of the webinar courses can still be bought. Please use the contact form through the link at this page's bottom to request more information if interested.